Jeffrey Coghill and Charles Dushek Plan Development of a Revolutionary Micro-Project for “Converting Used Cooking Oil into BioDiesel Fuels for Motive Power, Electric Power Generation, Marine Craft and Transportation Vehicles

Charles J Dushek, Jeffrey Steven Coghill, Marge Dushek & Chas Dushek are Directors of the  “GlobalHumanityOrganization.org” “Keep the World Green” …Convert “Used Cooking Oil” to “BioDiesel” Production Dushek Family Members and Their Clients Make Donations to “UCO to BioFuels” to Mitigate/Eliminate UCO Local Dumping to Save WaterWays & GreenWays!     I Want to Take Stock of All the Important…

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global humanity organization

The USA Needs to:“Recycle Human Resources”

Global Humanity Organization www.GlobalHumanityOrganization.org Charles J Dushek and Phil Sweeney are Thought Leaders in bringing positive transformations in senior re-employment opportunities. To know more about Chas Dushek, Marge Dushek, Phillip Sweeney and  Charles J Dushek please visit us at www.GlobalHumanityOrganization.org or Email: CharlesJDushek@gmail.comphillip.sweeney@sbcglobal.net Chuck Dushek and Phil Sweeney are “Thought Leaders” of a Vision Project established 5 years ago to…

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