About Me

Charles J Dushek, Executive Director of the “Global Humanity Organization”


“Doing Things of the Greatest Good, For the Most Number of People, At All Times, and for Any Peoples of the World We All Live In”!  

Charles J Dushek has been a businessman running financial companies for near 40 years, with every company being successful, compliant with all laws and regulations, and whose purpose is to generate profits, where portions of these earnings are given away, donated to many domestic and international humanitarian projects and programs.  For many years, I supported a number of children of UPENDO Village in South Africa to facilitate these children’s physical welfare and educational growth.  My organizations are focused on enabling positive change in people and in local villages and communities, Vision Projects, that are dependant on the donated resources of people like myself, and other people that I can convince are on the Earth to make it better for All Human Beings.

Our Organization “Global Children’s Opportunities Organization” is a privately run org having principal “Thought Leaders” who think up, validate, plan and execute on projects that enable positive change in the current lives and future course of successes for children.  These are children primarily within the Developing World Countries, Island Nations, and within distressed Inner City Neighborhoods of the USA.  We are neither controlled, influenced nor funded by any governmental bodies.  We seek and put to work volunteer people, who have expertise in the subject matter of the Vision Projects that we strive to bring from Ideas into Reality.