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The USA Needs to:“Recycle Human Resources”

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Charles J Dushek and Phil Sweeney Charles J Dushek and Phil Sweeney are Thought Leaders in bringing positive transformations in senior re-employment opportunities. To know more about Chas Dushek, Marge Dushek, Phillip Sweeney and  Charles J Dushek please visit us at or Email:

Chuck Dushek and Phil Sweeney are “Thought Leaders” of a Vision Project established 5 years ago to re-employ laid-off or fired senior age workers (Ages 50 to 65) back into meaningful high-wage employment having healthcare & welfare benefits, until the participants can qualify by age or disability condition for: Social Security benefits and Medicare Healthcare Benefits.

From the Great Recession of 2008 onwards thousands of public and private companies “Downsized” to adjust to the declines in business activity resulting from the Recession beginning in 2008. The quickest and easiest cost-reduction strategies that businesses use are “Layoffs and Firings”, its been that way for a hundred or more years, and was the cause of the Depression that began in 1929.

By our estimates since 2008, near 30 million Americans lost high-paying full-time jobs with benefits, and they are going through a protracted long-term search for new employment options. Trouble Was, and Still Is, that middle-age employees are really not in great demand even today….Why? Because these past jobs have been made obsolete via technology systems, offshore outsourcing of the jobs, and the vast growth of imported products from China, Asia, and Mexico, which have literally “Killed Off…Maybe For Good”, those manufacturing and services jobs that the aged 45 and older had prior to 2008.

So….Today as you shop around Wal-Marts, Targets, Loews, Home Depot and other Big-Box retail stores you will see plenty of the middle-agers working there in low skill positions earning perhaps half of what they were earning per hour prior to 2008. And many of these jobs are not full-time. They are Part-Time with Thin to No Benefits.

Is there an answer to this broad, macro under-employment condition? Chuck Dushek and Phil Sweeney have spent many hours in analysis, research, listening to out-placed middle-age workers….Who would love to “Rejoin” the full-time workforce at better pay and with healthcare benefits…until they reach age 65 to go on Medicare & Social Security Benefits.

We!…Phil and Chuck, and you the Readers of this project need to get involved at Fixing and Reshaping your re-employment destiny for the time you are using up your productive lives from Now to Age 65!

The condition of the US Economy & Work Force

The United States has nearly 15 million under-employed individuals, and the number of unemployed (not statistically defined by the U.S) is about 10 million people. That’s amazing, considering that total labor force at 135 million. The unemployment numbers, percentages, the US Govt is using, is somewhat bogus.  In more credible statistical terms, it is more like 7%, just like it is in Europe today…The European Union is the same type of economy as the US.  Within the US Seniors have been fired or laid-off from their jobs primarily due to their age, to make way for the corporate hiring of younger, lower wage cost employees in skilled jobs.  Whereas in Europe it is tough to simply layoff or fire workers, without just cause, as long as EU workers are doing their roles in a right way.

Humans (Seniors) in the USA are a valuable resource we have of people with work skills and managerial ability to be employed and that have and to add to the prosperity of the US economy. Higher employment levels of seniors, creates more gross income across the US economy, and can provide the financial resources to afford higher education for the youthful people their kids and grandkids coming into the workforce, behind our seniors after attaining age 65 and then eligible for “Getting On the Social Security and Medicare Train”!

Historically, manufacturing was the means by which many Americans made a living. Today, low-cost imports from developing world countries, like China, have displaced US manufacturing production and senior age job opportunities. “Made in America” needs to be re-discovered and re-enabled. That is Doable. President Trump is a Thought Leader with US….Make America Again….Bring Home the Lost Jobs!

When touring France some years ago, it was near impossible to find China and Asian imported goods. France’s nationalism spirit protects their workforce…their manufacturing jobs especially. In the US, a Core Issue today is “how to achieve a more fully-employed worker economy over the next ten years”…To get the US economy growing again at over 3% per year. That goal can add 3 million more new jobs per year, compared to the languishing employment we have experienced up until Trump’s election to the Presidency.

The challenge is to design, promote and enable community private sector visions and plans for rebuilding the country’s work opportunities across the USA, especially for underemployed seniors who had lost their higher pay jobs, before they had attained age 65 to qualify for SocSec and Medicare Health Plan Insurance.

Worldwide Employment & Unequal Living Conditions

Global economic and employment is unbalanced, as large economies in Asia and especially Japan and China, do not promote “openness to imports” from other countries, like the US. It is becoming clear, like it or not, humans are reliant, on each other. And for every human left behind “outside the workforce”, we are destroying our collective consciousness to seek and support a global lifestyle balance.

Our collective awareness can be likened to a tablecloth made of woven strands together. If the fabric begins to unravel, the tablecloth is weaker. Employment balance is weakened globally now across most significant countries. Washington’s global political policy and influence have been ineffective at promoting and correcting the disparity in global employment conditions.

China’s GDP is growing at 7.2% for past five years, and at times near 10%, while the US and Europe have been Below that and only near about 2% in real growth. A balance needs to be reset in geopolitical and fairer trade. We need an Economic “U.N.” supporting more global employment balance. The Private Sector has no global power over that. Global organizations need to address the job losses of capable seniors willing to be back to work for lifestyle sustaining wages (Not a Minimum Wage of $10) and welfare benefits to help these workers be financially sustaining until age 65.

Let’s Continue Economic Success in the U.S.

The United States is maintaining an excellent standard of living for elite upper-income households.  Much of the apparent prosperity though is from growth in Government Services and Government Employment jobs and wages there, not from absolute wage prosperity and senior’s jobs growth in the “private sectors” of the economy.  Today’s government is indeed big (3.5 times bigger than five and a half decades ago).  In 1987, the Government was 15% of the economy; now it’s 25%. The government does not produce much tangible value across the economy, it primarily “regulates and impedes” the private sector.

Establish More Local U.S Community Level Efforts

It is a responsibility of ethical and energetic people to put one foot in front of the other. We can use for-profit commercial strategies and Social Enterprise Businesses to improve human and environmental well-being (Create new jobs in pollution reduction and recycling & reusing our waste). We cannot continue to overlook those left behind underemployed families and seniors, by laying the responsibility off on government.

The Government does not focus on “New On-Ramps” to career employment growth in the private sector. The Government focuses on “Programs of Dependency”…meaning permanent food-stamps, extra-long unemployment benefit safety nets, excessive regulations and healthcare financial requirements of employers. The Government must “get out of the way” of private job creation models, and offer more incentives that enable the private sector to find and employ its needed-solutions.

We have only expressed the apparent facts. We mentioned a collective awareness, which is life. And by whatever energy which sustains our lives, our collective consciousness is a joint responsibility. It’s incredible to us that we are not embracing this resource to empower ourselves and to enrich lives more at the Community Level. We have become complacent, attempting to endow our local and federal government with this responsibility. They do not “Get It”, so we have record high underemployment of seniors, as US jobs race offshore. It’s our citizen’s responsibility to use this collective connectivity to promote well-being for humanity and the environment across our communities. Government regulates and retards, it does not Create anything.

How do we determine direction, formalize mission goals and objectives? We suggest that through “Thought Leadership” processes we can develop our community mission, goals, and objectives, and the means to execute them also. We have been allotted this time and this space now. Let us not continue in a complacency.

Summary…Is It The End??? No, This is Just a Beginning!

Where did the ideas of Recycling Our Human Resources evolve? It is through the collective awareness of Thought Leadership…like from You and Charles J Dushek and Phillip Sweeney. How do you build a strong home? The best answer is with a strong foundation; someone stated, “you must dig a hole first”. We have dug this hole. It has left many millions of people behind, especially seniors. How have we responded? Think about it. We are now aware that we have a big elephant in the room…” unemployment and underemployment” of seniors and disadvantaged youth. Let’s unleash and rev-up our minds and visions to create more jobs and more sustainable small businesses across our communities!

One Foot Forward…The Ideas…

Charles Dushek and Phillip Sweeney Suggest the Following Community Actions:


  1. Chair a working committee of diverse small business and economic talent to discuss the Vision. What is that Vision?  How can communities be creative and cooperative across its citizenship (Absent Local Government) to be proactive in growing more community-based businesses?


  1. Can we assemble economically justified visions and plans to encourage, nurture and support small businesses that create more local jobs?
  2. Can non-profit organizations become expansive in “Social Enterprise Businesses” and create business revenue that creates jobs and adds to their humanitarian services capability?


  1. Can we prepare a pathway for the many millions of Castaway Unemployed in their 50s and early 60s to get “On-board With Us” to have their skills assessed for finding “Best Fit” and higher paying jobs for seniors at over $20 per hour?


  1. Can we enable good assessments of skills and competencies of the unemployed managers and workers, to Hold and Promote them in a “Workers Employee Bank”?


  1. Charles Dushek and Phillip Sweeney believe we can find local companies that are family-owned by near-retiring owners, and who seek friendly take-overs by talented teams of well-matched operating managers and workers to carry on and grow these businesses…Business Strategy and Financing are Needed locally.


  1. Charles Dushek knows we can we gain support and commitments of local municipalities to purchase their service and product needs from local organic small businesses, from the same or adjacent community businesses?


  1. Phillip Sweeney, a professional CPA states: We can we entice local bankers to advise and help set up small business “Buyout and Start Up” programs to grow and sustain more local businesses?


  1.    Can we organize “Oversight Management Boards” from the existing executive manager level talents of volunteers in the community, to oversee and proactively advise our small business in “Best Business Practices and Operating Policies”?


  1. Charles Dushek states we can we liaison in Small Business Loans for buying out seasoned and starting up new local businesses?


  1. Phillip Sweeney says we can we interest Private Equity or Angel Investors to help us on the important “Equity Capitalization” of our firms that is needed for us to get access to SBA, Owner Carryback Lending, and Bank Financing plans?

If you are a person age 50 or over and are an “employment castaway”. Having lost a good paying job, and desiring a return to the workforce to a good paying job…We want to hear from You?

Would you like to be a “Player” with us and our visions?

Please give Charles Dushek and Phil Sweeney your comments and ideas that support the initiatives and visions discussed above…

Charles J Dushek and Phil Sweeney are Thought Leaders in bringing positive transformations in senior re-employment opportunities.  To know more about Chas Dushek, Marge Dushek, Phillip Sweeney and  Charles J Dushek please visit us at or Email:


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